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Love Ukraine


This is a charity project "Peer-to-peer CV" formed by a group of enthusiasts with the aim to help people affected by the war in Ukraine. This initiative is a grassroots and non-profit effort developed and run by a group of volunteers from the US, Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. The project is started in March 2022 as a response to the catastrophic war in Ukraine and the impact it had on millions of Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian people. 

Anyone affected by the war in Ukraine can become a CV applicant. We are ready to help people forced out of their home countries due to war or political regimes. So far we support people from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, but may expand the geographies to other countries in distress depending on the requests.

This service registers two types of personas: CV applicants and CV reviewers. CV applicant uploads their CV and select domains/ specializations in which they want to search for a job. CV reviewer registers and specifies their domains of expertise. The service automatically matches the CV applicant with an available CV reviewer based on the matching domain/specialization categories. CV applicant and CV reviewer interact via web-based chat and rework the CV. When the applicant and reviewer are happy the chat is closed. All of our CV reviewers are volunteers.

We are looking for professionals across domains who are hiring managers, recruiters or frequently part of hiring teams. We are looking for people who are experienced in European and North American job markets and have interviewed/hired people themselves at least several times.

The primary role of CV reviewer is to help an applicant to improve/rework your CV. It’s up to the reviewer to provide further comments or advice on e.g. job search strategies or referrals. Please, be mindful of reviewers' time and commitments, as they provide this valuable service for free. Don’t push them to refer you. This should always remain at the discretion of the reviewer and be done only if / when they find it appropriate.

Your primary role is to advise applicants on their CV: give them feedback on how to structure and improve it, how to adapt it to the EU / US job markets.

As it a non-profit charity imitative managed by a group of volunteers, we plan to support this service until the end of summer 2022. After that depending of the situation worldwide we will take on the project closure

Please report any such events immediately to

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